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Six performers circle Times Square in slow motion for 5 days with very full buckets of “oil” on their heads.  Their clothes grow darker with each passing day.  Every now and then, the slowness of their pace is punctuated by a bucket suddenly tipping over and spilling.



WNYC and WNYC feature

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

New York Daily News

Chinese TV


Directed and Produced by Josephine Decker

Co-Producer Adriana Disman

Stage Manager Charles Inniss

Performers Adriana Disman, Andre Baum, Sarah Small, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Elana Jaroff, Colleen Wahl, Murphy Chang, Josephine Decker, Erin Siodmak, Rosemary Ilardi-Ellis, Reina Potaznik, Tara Deporte, Haley Deporte, Olga El, Evan Leed 

Photographers Lee Bob Black and Audrey Evans

Publicists Debra Decker and Maureen Gage

Facilitators Susanna Buckley, Chris Fernald, Lee Bob Black, Cayla Morganstern, Jean Stevens, Evan Leed

Videographers Marisa Holmes, Bianca Gonzalez-Marra, Kathleen Sweeney

Post-Production Assistant Olivia Koski

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